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Jennifer Covelli
Founder & CEO

Jennifer Covelli believes success comes to those that prioritize kindness, emphasize compassion, and invest in those around them.


Jennifer is a "strategic bridge builder that allows companies to link and multiply" and has been celebrated by her colleagues for her ability to leverage creativity, compassion, and her hard-earned leadership ability into new and exciting benefits for her patients and hard-working staff. 


Jennifer's strength as a leader comes from her natural ability to identify and nurture the talents and strengths of her team to facilitate their professional growth and success. Jennifer's passion, drive, and characteristic optimism have allowed her to gain multi-faceted experience at the executive level in multiple health care practices that spanned specialties that included assisted living, geriatrics, podiatry, and nursing home care. 


Now, Jennifer is excited to bring her experience and skill set to the realm of regenerative medicine. Jennifer sees regenerative medicine as a new frontier for improving the day-to-day lives of those in her community. She is passionate about reducing the healthcare costs with the use of regenerative treatments. As CEO of JEC Regenerative Healthcare, Jennifer is responsible for capturing new markets, expanding revenue, and recruiting the elite talent that makes up JEC Regenerative Healthcare's modern, agile team. 


Jennifer currently lives in sunny San Diego, where she oversees JEC Regenerative's ongoing growth and development nationwide.

When she is not working, Jennifer is an avid traveler who loves adventure and the great outdoors.

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Chris Carter
Vice President of Sales

Chris began working in healthcare over twenty years ago. Early in his career, Chris discovered a passion for obtaining advanced clinical knowledge that empowered him to educate physicians on disease progression and chronic disease management. 


Chris' unique passion for understanding the nuts and bolts of healthcare solutions catapulted him to multiple healthcare sales leadership positions, where he managed, trained, and mentored dozens of sales teams and hundreds of representatives. 


After gaining further leadership experience as a Director of Sales and National Communications Manager for prominent healthcare companies, Chris began to search for a fulfilling role that would allow him to leverage his deep expertise and experience to genuinely impact and improve patient outcomes. After connecting with JEC Regenerative Healthcare Founder Jennifer Covelli, Chris came on board as a Vice President of Sales.


Chris' experience, skill set, and commitment to patient success launched him from regional account manager to Vice President of Sales at JEC. "I love what I do," says Chris, "the biggest thing for me is the focus on patient outcomes. My mom is an amputee, and we saved her foot two years ago with our treatments." 


After witnessing the power of regenerative medicine first-hand, Chris knew this was the field for him. "We know this stuff works. It's very powerful. We have almost 99% positive patient outcomes with adequate blood flow," says Chris. Chris hopes to bring JEC Regenerative Healthcare's revolutionary treatments and processes to patients and physicians nationwide. "Our goal is to bring this to everyone that will listen. The numbers don't lie."


When Chris isn't mentoring JEC Regenerative Healthcare's blossoming sales team, you can find him hitting the links for a friendly round of golf with his wife or spending time with his beloved french bulldog. 

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